Managing Your Money 102

Lee Lappin discusses gaining control of your finances.  We look at cultural trends, and discuss a balanced perspective on debt.  Some of the pitfalls in finances are examined, as well as ways to avoid them.

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Book:  “Your Money Counts” by Howard Dayton


Managing Your Money 101

Lee Lappin and Steve Hohm discuss some financial wisdom from God’s Word.  Lee is a city director for Crown Financial Ministries.  This ministry exists to help people follow sound priniciples to find their way to financial freedom.  This is the first podcast with Lee in a series of podcasts on financial management principles.

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To connect directly to Crown Financial Ministries go to

To contact Lee Lappin for more financial information and help, email him at

Guatemala Mission Team 2008

A mission team from Rhinelander Grace Foursquare Church is ready to travel.  The seven member team is led by Jim Sebestyen.  Included on the team are Randy and Melissa King, Brandon and Pamela Betts, Todd Saari, and Ron Smith.  This podcast features an interview with Jim Sebestyen, Randy King, and Brandon Betts. 

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Obedience and Training

This is an interview with Debbie Smith.  She is part of our church here at Grace Foursquare in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Debbie describes what she felt the Lord showed her while she was talking on the telephone with a friend.  She sensed that there was application beyond her personal self, and felt that this be shared with our local church.  Listen in on our talk together.  You are invited to leave comments and insights.

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Amazing Grace Quiz Team Interview

Grace Foursquare Church has a Bible Quiz Team called “Amazing Grace,” led by George and Nancy Schroepfer.  The team had a great season of learning and competition.  You can hear an interview with George Schroepfer, Toni Bates, and Dan Chojnacki here at Remnant Youth GodSpace.

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 Here is the link to Headwaters Christian Youth.  This is the ministry that oversees and coordinates many activities in the North Woods, including Bible quizzing.

Here is the link to Bible Quiz Fellowship.  You can learn lots about Bible quizzing from this website.

Brain Tumor Blessing?

This is an interview with Pastor Mike Huff, from Crossroads Foursquare Church in Appleton, Wisconsin.  In 2004, Mike was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor and is recovering today from an enormously trying season of his life.  The tumor has been reduced in size, and Mike continues to live each day counting the tumor among his blessings.  What’s up with that?
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This podcast refers to the book “Chasing Daylight:  How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life” by Eugene O’Kelly, copyright 2006 by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.

Fox Valley Brain Tumor Coalition

email Mike Huff at to order a copy of his CD “The Temple” for $10.00 per CD.

Underage Drinking

Become aware of some of the hidden costs associated with underage drinking, and get a perspective on the problem right here in Wisconsin.  In the Bible, instruction is given to not be drunk with wine, which leads to all kinds of crazy stuff, but to be filled with God’s Spirit instead.  There’s a better way to live!  Come get the good stuff!
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Ephesians 5:18 from the New Living Translation.


Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

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